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Celebration - Stars of May!

Mrs Wilford's Stars of May!


Due to current situation we are unable to celebrate the work and achievements of our Superstars from across school in our usual Friday morning celebration assembly. Therefore I will now include a section in our Newsletter and on our website to provide a big shout out to our ‘Stars of the Week’ who have been nominated by their teachers for their amazing effort in their home learning.


This week I have been made aware of….


RBW - Trent...

"Trent made a game with snap cubes and dinosaurs to practise counting in 5s. He has worked hard to master counting in 5s up to 50!".

RBP - Ava-Rose...

"Ava-Rose has been working hard throughout lockdown, practising her writing and maths. She has even learned how to count to 100 in tens."


RHW - Lyla...

““Lyla has been a real Stickasaurus this week as she has learnt how to ride her bike without stabilisers and she did this in just two days! Well done Lyla this is a big achievement and we are really proud of you!” 😀"


1I - Annika...

"Annika has been working hard at home with her English and Maths work. She has shared lots of photo's with Mrs Islam - Thank you Annika!"  


1H - Willow ...

"Willow has been a very busy bee! She has been working hard on counting in 2's, 5's, and 10's. She has been doing lots of cooking and enjoyed making welsh cakes, pizza and pitta bread. Willow has also been taking care of some tiny caterpillars and has enjoyed watching them change and can't wait to release them when they grow into beautiful butterflies."


2ED - Caleb ...

"Caleb has been working really hard at home. He has created a giant giraffe and has also been learning how to play the acoustic guitar!"


2F - Joel ...

"Joel has sent Mrs Fulcher a lovely picture of a rainbow - please look on our class page"


Keep an eye out for a very special delivery in the post!


Stars of the Week!    (Week beginning 18/5/2020)

RBW - Miles

RBP - Tian

RHW - Ethan

1I - Hugo

1H - Keira

2F - Chelsy


Stars of the Week!    (Week beginning 11/5/2020)

RBW - Bobby

RBP - Anes

RHW - Ethan

1I - Myla

1H - Bella

2F - Demi-Leigh


Stars of the Week!    (Week beginning 4/5/2020)

RBW - Zakariyya

RBP - Amelia and Sophia

RHW - Joshua

1I - Manaal

1AJ - Vinushan