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Please take a look at examples of our Home Learning shared with Mrs Hayden

This week the children had to write a 'Bubble' adventure story. Thank you to Dina and Oscar for sharing your stories with us...they are amazing!

Leah has made fruit kebabs this week with her brother. They look delicious!

Daisy has been busy completing a mix of book work, computer bits, arts and crafts. Here are a few things she has been doing this week.

Dina has been working hard at home. These are some of the examples she has shared with Mrs Hayden - Well done Dina!

Sienna has had the best half term and did lots of things to put towards her home schooling this week 😌 They had lots of bike rides- Sienna's favourite was along the new cycle path on the Bristol road- she was very good and very keen to learn the Highway Code and they were so happy to see the proper bike red, green and amber lights are all in place for cyclists! They have collected pine cones to make decorations with! Sienna has done such a good job helping her mom to decorate the bedrooms at home! Sienna and her sister have put bright hand prints on their walls and drew a special rainbow for the NHS!

Keira emailed Mrs Hayden to tell her all about her home learning this week..."Skull, pelvis, the femur which is the top of your leg. Vertebrae is in your back. My favourite bone is the pelvis because it looks like a butterfly!" Well done Keira - we love this photo!

Thank you Bella for your lovely letter and photo.

Bella has been writing stories, growing vegetables from the seeds her godfather gave her, doing some maths and as always she starts her day with P.E with Joe!

Willow has shared lots of photo's with Mrs Hayden. She took care of some tiny caterpillars, watching them change and then set free the beautiful butterflies. She is still waiting for the tadpoles to grow their legs. She's had lots of walks too!

Keira has been learning about how peas grow and has even planted some of our own! She hopes they don't take too long to grow!

Elsie has been working hard at home. She enjoyed celebrating VE Day - she even dyed her hair as part of the celebrations!