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Messages from the children in 1I

Dear Mrs Islam and Miss Falcon,

It was so nice reading your letter for the class. I really miss you both.

I want to go to school. I have been doing some good work. We do maths and literacy everyday except the weekend. I have learnt how to tell time and I am working on learning my times tables too! 


Today Myla and her Daddy did an experiment to see reaction between egg white, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda with food colouring, the attached pictures show the results. Stay safe all. From Myla and family

Myla would like to share a creative fish project she has worked on this week. She had the Aquadabra set for her birthday so made the fish herself! Myla misses all her friends, Mrs Islam and Miss Falcon!

Hugo wanted to share his creative work with his friends and Mrs Islam.

A Poem for my Friends - From Manaal.

Today Manaal has written a book review and she wanted to share it with her friends in 1I.

Manaal has been working hard at home! She is one of our Shining Stars for May! Well done Manaal!