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Messages from the children in 2ED

Hello Miss Daniels,
We hope we (2ED) come back soon so we can say bye properly.
We found a new maths game called Sumdog. We've been doing Bitesize daily 5-7year olds. We've finished a 5 lap stop motion and it took 358 photos!!! I've learnt six songs on an acoustic guitar. We've been doing the daily mile. I've been playing on the ps4 and on the ps4 I have a career on the f1 2018 game.

I've spent time with my grandma and I built a Lego Ninjago Minifigure and had fish finger sandwiches with her. We made a giraffe that stretched from the bottom of our house to the top of our house. We did a skittle experiment which was sick!


Hi miss Daniels



Hello Miss Daniels,

I have been doing lots of work on BBC Bitesize every day and I really enjoy it. I have done lots of there printed work and I will send some into you soon once my daddy sets up the scanner for me.


I hope you and all our class are all ok and I am missing everyone lots and hopefully we will back again soon.


Lots of love, Charlie D xx

Madison hopes to see you all soon!  She has done all her homework.  She misses you all a lot, like crazy!!! 

Lots of love from Madison 🌈🌈🌞🌺🌼🌻🌸