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Supporting Reading for Pleasure at home

  • Create a cosy, comfortable reading area - you might even choose to create a 'reading den' or use a pop-up tent!
  • Let your child see you as a reader. If they see that you are excited or amused by a book, they will naturally become more interested in reading. 
  • Read bedtime stories together. This is a great way to relax and prepare your child for sleep. 
  • Visit the local Library and sign up for a Library Card. Your child will love to look at all of the wonderful different types of books on offer! 
  • Find books that match your child's interests. This may be fiction, non-fiction, poems, comics, magazines etc...
  • Children love books with repetition and rhyme! Choose these types of texts and watch how excitedly your child joins in! 
  • Use different voices, expressions and actions to make reading fun! 
  • Have household D.E.A.R time (Drop Everything And Read). This means everyone at home stops for 10 minutes (or longer if you like!) and reads something they enjoy. You might even spend time talking about what you have read afterwards! 
  • Always have books available and accessible so your child can read them at any time. 
  • Your child might like to recommend a book to a friend or write a book review about their favourite book!
  • Explore author websites - they often have lovely activities that link with their texts. 
  • Make books together.

We hope this has given you lots of ideas about how you can support Reading for Pleasure at home.