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Sports Premium


The PE and sport funding has been provided to schools since 2013 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but will have the freedom to choose how they do this.



Our funding allocation for the academic year 2013-14 was £8600; for 2014-15 it was £8750; for 2015-16 it was £8895; we are assuming we will get the same amount - £8895 – for 2016-17. The funding will help us achieve our main aims for the development of PE, which briefly are improving the quality and breadth of our current provision for PE and sport through:

  • Developing leadership and improving the quality of teaching
  • Complementing our current provision with a range of extra activities during and after school
  • Encouraging participation in, and enjoyment of, PE and sport both within the curriculum and outside it, so that it helps to develop healthy lifestyles






  • Two teachers were given the role of co-ordinators for PE and Sport in September 2013 – Miss Aiken and Miss Fatania. Miss Aiken is a teacher in Key Stage 1 and Miss Fatania is a Reception teacher, so both phases are represented.

No extra cost

  • A five day programme of high quality professional development was arranged for the PE co-ordinators during 2013-14.

£1500, plus supply cover costs

  • A planning day arranged for the co-ordinators to audit current provision and develop an action plan – 16-12-13.

Supply cover cost

  • The School Council surveyed all pupils (through Class Councils) about what current PE/sports activities they are involved in outside school, and what extra-curricular PE/sports clubs they would like in school – December 2013. A further survey is due to be done in December 2014.

No cost

  • December 2013: after results of children’s views
  • were collected, SLT met with PE co-ordinators to plan a programme of extra-curricular activities and arrange suitable specialist PE/sports coaches to deliver them (in Spring/Summer terms 2014). In planning this, we took into account the physical development projects planned in our Health For Life action plan (November 2013).



Some costs for PD projects funded through Health for Life grant.


  • Spring & Summer terms 2014
  • It was difficult to arrange suitable sports coaches in the time available therefore clubs were not able to go ahead until the summer term.
  • After school clubs provided were:
  •     Hockey for Year 1 pupils
  •     Yogabugs for Reception pupils
  •     Balance Bikes for Reception pupils
  • Simple questionnaires were completed with the children to gain feedback on their involvement in and enjoyment of the various clubs; the responses were all very positive.



Hockey £210

Yogabugs £360



  • In the summer holiday of 2014 land on the bank at the bottom of the playground was cleared and levelled off. After landscaping we had a large trim trail installed, complete with all-weather floor surface. This will provide for children to be more physically active, and support agility development in play and lunchtime periods; it will also be used by classes in P.E. sessions.

Contribution from PE & Sports Premium towards the cost of the project:  £5000

  • Autumn term 2014:
  •     After school hockey club for Year 2 pupils
  •     P.E. training for all teachers - December 2014




  • Spring & Summer terms 2015:
  • After school clubs in the Spring term - FootieBugs for Year 1 and Yogabugs for Reception. Hockey club will continue for Year 2. Balance Bikes for Reception in the Summer term. Further staff training in P.E. booked for March 2014.

Cost :

£1000 Hockey

£360 Yogabugs

£2400 Footiebugs

  • Summer 2015:
  • During the summer holidays a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) was installed in the playground. This will enhance opportunities for children to be more physically active, and further support skills development in play and lunchtime periods; it will also be used by classes in P.E. sessions.

Contribution from PE & Sports Premium towards the cost of the project:  £2000

  • Autumn 2015 – Summer 2016:
  • After school clubs :
  • Children’s views on after school clubs were collected via questionnaires, to plan for the year ahead. Views were overwhelmingly in favour of keeping the current clubs – Hockey for Year 2, Football for Year 1. We also thought Reception children would enjoy Footiebugs. Clubs were:
  • Hockey Club for Year 2 throughout the year
  • Footiebugs for Year 1 throughout the year
  • Footiebugs for Reception in the Summer term 2016

Staff development:

The P.E. Co-ordinators have been allocated time for learning walks to monitor and evaluate provision of P.E. through observing P.E. lessons throughout the school. Their summary report fed into further support to develop high quality teaching of P.E.


We have also invested in resurfacing our playgrounds and having areas and designs marked out to encourage active play during playtimes and lunchtimes, e.g. a skipping area, obstacle trail, etc.


Hockey - £795

Football - £2400

Cover cost for Co-ordinators - £800


 OUR PLANS FOR 2016-17

  • Continue with the popular after school clubs as requested by the children – Hockey for Year 2 (each class will get 1 term of Hockey club); Football for Year 1 (each class again will get 1 term of club) and Football in the Summer term for Reception.
  • Further staff training in delivering high quality P.E. lessons
  • A sports tournament over 1 day
  • Investigating a workshop for children on Dance
  • Start up a ‘Walk a mile a week’ fitness project