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We are delighted that you are considering World's End Infant and Nursery School for your child.


If you are looking for details of our Reception places these are allocated in accordance with the Local Authority’s admissions policy and allows equality of access for all children irrespective of gender, race, religion, colour or disability.


The Local Authority criteria for entry are as follows:

  • Children with statements of special educational needs who have been identified as needing to attend the Visually Impaired Resource Base; the Governors have agreed that no more than three children can be admitted in this category to each year group
  • Children with brothers or sisters already at the school (or at the Infant or Junior school on the same or nearby site) who will still be there when they start school themselves.
  • Children who live nearest to the school by walking distance measurement.


All admissions into Reception class are now handled directly by the LA.  Details are sent out to the child’s home address during the Autumn of the year before your child starts school or parents can apply online by following the link below.  Applications have to be received by the Local Authority by a set date(usually early December).  We hold Open Sessions for prospective Reception parents and children in November.  Please contact school to make an appointment.  Once Reception places have been allocated, a meeting is held (usually late June/early July) for all parents and children. There is an opportunity for parents and children to look around the school, meet the staff and any questions or queries you may have can be answered.


Prospective parents and children  looking for places in other year groups are welcome to visit the school at any time by prior appointment with the Headteacher.



Open Sessions for prospective parents to look around our school will be held during week beginning 14th November.  Please call school on 0121 422 0453 to make an appointment

If you are looking for an in-year place, or a place for any other year group, we would love to welcome you for a visit so that you can see us in action. Please contact the school office by email at enquiry@world' or by phone on (0121) 422 0453