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The rationale for the curriculum at World's End is inspired by and reflects our vision of “Reach For The Stars - Never Stop Believing!”  We aim to provide a caring, positive, secure and stimulating environment in which all children are encouraged to develop their full potential through a curriculum which is engaging, relevant, imaginative and inspires children to learn and achieve.     

World's End staff are passionate about delivering a curriculum which empowers children’s oral communication skills and aims to give our children memorable, rich and diverse experiences which engages them as learners and recognises them as a unique individual.  Key to this is the importance of supporting the children to become lifelong learners by developing their learning muscles of 'Resilience', 'Resourcefulness', 'Co-operation' and 'Reflectiveness'.


We aim to offer a full, broad, balanced, deep and rich curriculum which ensures that every child is given the opportunity to shine and flourish.



At World's End it is our underlying belief that every child should feel valued and experience the feeling of success in a wide range of curriculum areas.  We have designed, organised and planned our curriculum to ensure that every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development and therefore our carefully crafted curriculum balances the national expectations with an all-encompassing range of experiences. 


The curriculum is delivered through broad based half termly topics, using the EYFS and National Curriculum Programmes of Study as a starting point for the content and linking them in a cross curricular way with other subjects that naturally fit together.  Although there is a thematic approach we have designed, planned and organised our curriculum to ensure that children are not merely covering content but achieving a depth to their learning.  Below is the long-term overview of the topics covered within the school. 


In maths the 'white rose' scheme of learning is followed whilst in  phonics the 'Little Wandle' scheme is used across the school to teach systematic phonics.  Please find links and further information under the Maths and English curriculum pages. 


Our balanced approach to the curriculum is not at the expense of high standards in core subject areas.  High standards and enabling children to reach national expectations and above is of vital importance if they are to succeed at the next stage of their education and go on to achieve full and happy lives and careers.  Our full and rich curriculum with its excellent range of experiences ensures that every child at Worlds End makes excellent progress both academically and personally. 


The range of experiences we offer support and champion our culture and ensures that our children benefit from a full range of academic, spiritual, moral, social and cultural activities.  These activities enrich their lives and those of our whole school community and make them proud of their British values and diverse society to which they belong and play an active part.  We are proud that our curriculum gives our children the skills, confidence and self-belief to lead a happy and fulfilled life by encouraging them to aim high and work towards their goals and dreams in life. 


Our curriculum statement is fully aligned with Birmingham's which  is a statement and guarantee from the Council for the future of children in Birmingham.  A copy can be found below.


Please click on the links below to read our curriculum intent, implementation and impact statements for each subject area as well as  our curriculum topic overviews.


Long Term Overview 2023-2024



Autumn term 1

Autumn term 2

Spring term 1

Spring term 2

Summer term 1

Summer term 2

EYFS Nursery and 


Amazing MeLet's Party and celebrateSplish, splash, splosh!If you go down to the woods todayA Journey Back in TimeKeyworkers and superheroes.

Year One

My Wonderful Body

Once upon a time…

To infinity and beyond

Fire and Ice

In the garden


Into the garden 


Year Two

Journeys and adventures

All around the world

Healthy Me


Where the wild things are

Our wonderful world

Please go to our class pages to find out more information about our exciting topics!

Please scroll down to find out more information about our EYFS long term plans.


At Worlds End Infant and Nursery School we place learning at the heart of all  that we do and we firmly believe that we need to prepare our children for the challenges that they will face in the fast changing world of today.   Professor Guy Claxton’s  (the founder of BLP) research has shown that learning about learning positively impacts on children’s achievements. 

What is Building Learning Power?

“It is all about how we can help young people become better learners, both in school and out. It is about creating a culture in the classroom and the school more widely-that systematically cultivates habits and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively”

Guy Claxton


Building Learning Power (BLP) is about helping our children to become better learners. Our current curriculum is very challenging  but BLP allows us to give children the skills and attitudes to tackle and transfer knowledge and prepares them better for an uncertain future. By creating a climate that fosters good learning habits we will enable them to face challenges, difficulties and new situations in a calm, confident and creative way – not only in school, but way beyond into the real world of everyday life and for future employment.

Key principles

· It allows children to approach difficulties in learning without fear of failure.

·  It allows children to take small steps within learning.

·  It builds confidence.

· It  is a way of thinking that underpins everything we do.  We will continue to teach the National Curriculum but in a creative and exciting way that challenges our children’s thinking and learning.

· Children take ownership of their learning; learning is something that you do, it isn’t something that is done to you!


During their time at school our children become familiar with the learning superheroes which help support the development of the four overriding learning behaviours (known as learning muscles) which have been identified within research as being essential in supporting children to become better learners of resilience, resourcefulness , reflectiveness and reciprocity. 


Click on the links below to find out more about learning muscles at Worlds End Infant and Nursery School.



Early Years Foundation Stage - Nursery and Reception

EYFS Curriculum Intent Statement

EYFS Long Term Planning 

Progression Maps EYFS

Long Term Plan and Progression Map for Prime Areas of Learning

Long Term Plan and Progression Map for Nursery Literacy

Long Term Plan and Progression Map for Reception Literacy

Long Term Plan and Progression Map for Mathematics in Nursery 

Long Term Plan and Progression Map for Mathematics in Reception

Long Term Plan and Progression Map EAD

Long Term Plan and Progression Map UTW

Writing Progression Document for EYFS 2023-2024

Pencil Grip Progression Document 

Example of Continuous Provision Progression Document