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Frequency Asked Questions

FAQs Nursery Parents


1.    What experience or qualifications do your staff have?
The staff at our nursery are extremely experienced. They all hold Level 3 qualification, we also have a qualified teacher in Nursery. Staff working within Nursery also hold a paediatric certificate. Staff continue to keep up to date with developments in education by attending training throughout each academic year. All of these qualifications are in line with the standards within the Statutory EYFS Framework.


2.    How do you manage safer recruitment?
We follow rigorous guidelines to ensure that the people employed to work in our school are safe to do so. The effective system we have in place includes a disclosing and barring service check and suitability of qualifications.


3.    Do you provide funded hours?
Yes, we do provide the 30 hour entitlement. 


4.    What ratios of staff to children to have?
We provide the statutory 1:13 ratio as outlined in the Statutory Framework for EYFS.


5.    Will my child have a key person?
Yes, your child will see the same faces every day and you will be told the name of the staff member who is your child’s allocated key-worker. However, we do operate very much as a team. The role of the key-person is to help to build secure relationships with both you as parents and also with your child. The key-person will ensure that learning and care is tailored to the needs of your child.


6.    How do you ensure safety in your nursery?
Safeguarding children is of upmost importance. We follow guidance from ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and Birmingham’s model Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. All staff are trained to deal with any safeguarding concerns. We also have a strict Health and Safety Policy which covers areas such as cleanliness, equipment safety, risk assessments and building safety. Any accidents that do occur are recorded.


7.    What type of activities will be child do in nursery?
We provide a wide range of activities which promote children’s development first and foremost across the three prime areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We link the activities provided to the children’s interests while building and developing key skills. The activities we provide take place both inside and outside our nursery building. Outside, children have access to a wonderful woodland area. 


8.    How do you keep parents informed of their child’s progress?
Our ethos here at World’s End Infant and Nursery School is very much that our parents/carers are partners in children’s development and education. It is therefore vital that you as parents are kept fully informed of your children’s progress and also their next steps. We operate an open-door policy where members of the team are available at the beginning and endings of the sessions to answer any immediate questions. We hold parents’ evenings throughout the year where progress and next steps are discussed. We also use and promote Tapestry, which acts as an online learning journal. Practitioners in Nursery will upload images which illustrate children’s progress and create a visual diary of your child’s time in nursery. Parents are also actively encouraged to upload pictures and anecdotes of what they witness the children doing while at home. At the end of the year, parents/carers will be given an individual report which will detail the children’s progress, attainment and next steps in learning and development.


9.    What meals and snacks are available for the children?
Children have access to fresh water throughout the session. They also have fruit and milk and those children who stay for the whole day will have a hot, school dinner. Our school dinners are healthy and varied and cater for children with allergies and children who are vegetarian/vegan.


10.    What do you do to support children’s learning and development?
We use the EYFS curriculum to support children’s learning and development across the three prime areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. We also provide activities and experiences for children to progress and build skills in the four specific areas of learning: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design. We plan activities to match the children’s interests so that they are fully engaged in their learning. Key skills around communication, social skills and health and care skills are paramount.


11.    What does my child have to wear?
Your child will be assigned to a family group with a colour attached. Polo shirts in your child’s colour will be available to purchase from the school office as are our school jumpers which depict our school logo.  Please ensure that your child wears suitable footwear and bear in mind that the curriculum is delivered in the outdoors and so trousers will need to be hard-wearing. Ensure that all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name. 
Your child will also need a warm, water-proof coat with a hood to wear during the colder months and a light-weight, waterproof coat for the warmer months. 


12.    What will my child need to bring to nursery?
Your child will need to bring a book bag and these are available from the school office. The book-bags are ideal for children to bring letters home to keep you up to date with events and news from nursery and school. A change of clothes if your child is prone to accidents and a suitable coat, whatever the weather.


13.    I am worried about my child’s toileting. What do I need to do? How will my child be supported?
Every child develops at different rates and we will support you with all aspects of your child’s development. If toileting persists as a worry then, in consultation with you as parents, we may liaise with your child’s health visitor to seek further guidance. Please ensure that your child brings a spare set of clothes if they are prone to accidents.


14.    How do you manage difficult behaviour in nursery?
We manage behaviour positively and consistently. Children in nursery are still learning to manage their emotions and behaviour is viewed as a form of communication. We will communicate any significant behaviours to you as parents and work in partnership to support your child in this area of development.


15.    What are the nursery times?
You will be told whether your child has been allocated either a session A slot, session B or a 30 hour session and the times are listed below:

Session A
Monday: 8.55am – 3.10pm
Tuesday: 8.55am – 3.10pm
Wednesday: 8.55am - 11.25am


Session B
Wednesday: 12.40pm – 3.10pm
 Thursday: 8.55am – 3.10pm
Friday: 8.55am - 3.10pm


 30 Hours

Monday – Friday

8.55am – 3.10pm


16.    Once my child has a place in your nursery, will they stay at World’s End Infant and Nursery School for the rest of their education?

Your child will not have a guaranteed place in the Infant school even if they have been attending nursery. You will need to apply for a school place and will be notified and reminded to do this at the relevant time.