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COVID - 19 Information

We have introduced this new page to bring together information and advice relating to the current COVID-19 pandemic. 
Included on this page will be general information and information about expectations and health and safety for pupils returning to school.


We have been conducting regular risk assessments to ensure that everything is as safe as possible for your children. Full details of our risk assessments can be requested from our school office.


Control measures

The following control measures will remain in place:

✓ Ensure good hygiene for everyone, this includes hand washing and using the ‘Catch it, kill it, bin it’ approach for respiratory hygiene.

✓ Maintain additional cleaning measures.

✓ Windows and doors will be kept open to increase ventilation, but temperature will be considered to ensure a comfortable teaching and learning environment is maintained.

✓ Follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing cases of COVID-19.

✓ Staff will continue to undertake twice weekly tests. This will be reviewed by the Government at the end of September.


What if there is a case?

Pupils, staff and other members of the school community should follow current public health advice on when to self-isolate and what to do.

If your child has Covid symptoms then your child should not come to school. They should go for a test.

If the test is negative then they can return to school once they feel well.

If the test is positive then they should stay home for a minimum of 5 days, they should then take another 2 tests on two consecutive days. If both of these tests are negative they can return to school.

The 5 days starts from the day after their symptoms started or from the day after their test if they were asymptomatic.


Other children in the class will not have to isolate unless they also have symptoms.

To help support this transition please find attached a story for all children to help them feel positive about returning to school.

Back to School after Coronavirus Story - ELSA Support

COVID-19 What to do if... A quick reference guide.pdf