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spring term 1 Splish Splash Splosh!

Splish Splash Splosh!

This half term our topic is based around water.  We will be ready to jump into puddles and learn lots about pirates!


Over the coming weeks the children will become scientists and be ready to  explore water in it's different forms such as ice and be asking ourselves lots of questions such as 'Why is it melting in my hand?' and 'What would happen to the ice if I left it in the freezer/fridge/outside/by a radiator?  As designers we will be finding out boats and making our own which would float on the water. 


Our core texts this term are The Big Red Bath by Julia Jarman, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfsiter and Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. 


As part of our knowledge and understanding of the World we will be continuing to learn about different celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Shrove Tuesday.


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