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Our Mission to the Milky Way

Key Instant Recall Facts are those pieces of mathematical knowledge such as number bonds  or doubles that we want children to know off by heart.  They need to be constantly practiced and rehearsed at home as well as school - in order for children to be able to recall them quickly, confidently and accurately. The demands of the New Primary National Curriculum ensures that we now place greater emphasis on improving the fluency of children’s mathematical

understanding.  Regular practice of mental maths helps children to learn these number facts which are the essential building blocks of calculating.  Learning these key facts enables children to concentrate on the calculation which helps them to develop calculation strategies. 

At World's End the maths key instant recall  facts takes the form of a space journey beginning with the Launch Pad and ending with the Milky Way.  When your child has learned all the facts off by heart then they will receive a certificate and the next set of KIRF’s will be sent home.  From September 2020 in addition to the ‘Maths Mission to the Milky Way’ we now have the times tables space journeys which the children will start to learn in Year 2. When your child has learned all the facts off by heart they will receive a certificate.   The system is about a rigorous and systematic approach to making sure that ALL children have good instant recall.    The aim is not to race to the finishing line as quickly as possible; instead we want the children to retain all of the key facts which have been taught and for them to recall them accurately and quickly. 

We do hope that you enjoy learning these with your child and thank you once again for your continuing support.  It really does make a difference to your child.

Order for the Mission to the Milky way 

Launch Pad




Milky Way

Beyond the Milky Way

Space Wanderer (10 times tables)

Space Adventurer (five times tables) 

Space Explorer (two times tables)