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Spoken Language: We believe that providing children with rich spoken language opportunities allows them to develop their cognitive, linguistic and social skills. We strive to develop their vocabulary acquisition in all areas of learning to allow them to communicate their thoughts, feelings and opinions articulately.


Reading: We believe a love of reading can help all children to ‘Reach for the Stars.’ We strive to develop the children into lifelong readers by teaching them the fundamental skills to develop both their fluency and their understanding of a range of texts. We aim to inspire and develop their passion for reading by providing them with many opportunities to engage in rich and diverse reading for pleasure activities.  We believe that reading a variety of texts can help support the children to develop an understanding of the world around them, inspire them to ask questions and allow them to express their ideas, emotions and opinions.


Writing: Writing floats on a sea of talk, which is why at World’s End Infant School we draw upon spoken language opportunities to enable our children to become coherent confident writers. We also aim to inspire them to be creative by encouraging them to draw upon their reading experiences and use ambitious vocabulary in their writing.


Photographs of our English curriculum