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Autumn Term 2: All Around the World

All Around the World


We are continuing with a geography focus this half term as we are going to be learning about different countries around the world. Your child has been given an art  and geography project which you can enjoy doing together at home.  In the past we have had a Big Ben, the Pyramids at Giza and a Statue of Liberty.  We can't wait to see the creations!


Ths year we are focusing on the continent of Africa and will be learning about the weather, the animals that are native to some of the the countries, the food, art and some of the breathtaking landmarks.  For our launch day we changed our classrooms into aeroplanes and flew to Kenya - it was an exhausting journey but we loved it despite the turbulence!


Click on the documents  below to find out more about these exciting topic for this term.

Our core texts will be The Leopard’s Drum by Jessica Souhami, Lila and the Secret of Rain by David Conway and Jude Daly and Pattan’s Pumpkin by Chitra Soundar and Frane Lessac.  Enjoy!